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Andrey Telegin specializes in Broadcast Engineering and Satellite Communications. Since 2010 Andrey works as an engineer at the Outside Broadcast crew of TRK Ukraine TV broadcast company, being part of the crew that covers a large number of events, particularly in sports and news. Andrey was born in Khartsyzsk, a small industrial town near Donetsk, where he went to school and first revealed particular inclinations for exact sciences and the English language. After school Andrey studied at Donetsk Technical School of Industrial Automatics, where he got acquainted with the basics of telecommunications, electronics and engineering technologies and computer science. After completing his studies at Technical School, Andrey entered Donetsk National University Physics department, where he had major studies in electronics and RF signals. University studies combined the greatness of fundamental theories with the fascination of practical challenges. Andrey attended extracurricular English courses in order to boost his language skills and graduated in 2009 with the Master’s diploma in Applied Physics with honors.

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