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Lluc Palerm joined NSR as an analyst in 2015. His primary areas of work are satellite capacity supply and demand as well as applications with a particular focus on emerging opportunities. Mr. Palerm contributes to several multi-client reports while engaging in customized consultancy projects.

Prior to joining NSR, Mr. Palerm worked at Zero2Infinity in technical and business roles. While involved in the startup, he worked in the mission analysis for the company’s microsat launcher project and leaded the development of a rocket engine prototype successfully tested. He also contributed to the project’s business plan with market research and financial assessment. Lluc undertook fund raising efforts and built the relation with customers.

Graduated as an Aerospace Engineer from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2011), he collaborated with one of its research centers developing CFD codes (CTTC). Afterwards, he received a Master in Management from ESADE Business School (2012) specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Cannibalization or Growing the Pie?

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