DATUM has done it again with the M7 Satellite Platform

August 25, 2014 | By More

DATUM SYSTEMS, an engineering-driven and highly respected satcom manufacturer in the heart of Silicon Valley released a new SCPC modem product family named the “M7” Series.  The M7 was designed to meet the evolving needs of satellite service providers, fixed and mobile network operators and government/military users.

Datum M7 Multipoint Network

With a modular design and incorporation of bandwidth-saving features, including sharp filter roll-offs and carrier cancellation, the M7 product family extends the success of the PSM500 modems both in terms of unmatched industry performance and CAPEX/OPEX cost-effectiveness.

Datum M7 SCPC Modem

Datum M7 SCPC Modem Platform

Highlights of the M7 modems include:

  • Flexible, Modular Design:  Same basic hardware adapts to Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Mesh topologies.  Same modular platform supports Modem, Mod-only, Demod-only or Dual Demod in half-rack wide chassis.
  • Compact:  Smaller, lighter and a more power efficient platform.
  • Wide Data Rate Range:  1.2 kbps to 59 Mbps in 0.1dB step sizes.
  • Backward Compatible:  Compatible with all PSM-500 series modems.
  • Sharper TX/RX Roll-offs:  Down to 5% (standard with all M7modem models).
  • Smart Carrier™:   Affordablecarrier cancellation technology (Patented).
  • Advanced IP Interface:  Provides up to 150,000 packets per second (PPS), jumbo packets (MPLS) and supports 3rd-party ready environment for application-layer optimization.
  • Express Ethernet, Low cost 4 Port Layer 2 Bridge Interface:  Additional SFP Port for Optic Fiber Plug-in, QoS and VLAN as standard.  Selectable PtP, PtMP and Mesh modes.
  • Dual G.703/E1 Interfaces:  Very efficient and fully flexible Drop and Insert.
  • Advanced IP Management:  Dedicated Remote IP Control Port (Web-Browser/SNMP).  Real-Time event log and detailed summary.
  • Web Browser Features:  Constellation, Spectrum Analyzer and IP Stat Pages.

This post includes an abbreviated DATUM M7 Presentation with highlights of the modem family and its advantages in performance and operational flexibility.

Read or download the DATUM presentation with details about the M7 Series.

Download (PDF, 1.96MB)

For more information about the M7 platform, please contact your nearest DATUM distributor or representative.

A full Datum presentation is available upon request.

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