DVB-S2 Calculator with S2 Extensions

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Newtec has launched a beta version of its next generation DVB-S2 calculator, which -among other additions- includes useful options for DVB-S2 “extensions”. The new DVB-S2 calculator is an Excel-based tool that gives an overview of the performance data and input for link budgets when using DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulation over satellite.

DVB-S2 S2 Extensions are Improvements to the original DVB-S2 standard that provide satellite service providers with improved system performance and granularity. DVB-S2 extensionsExtensions include:

  • Smaller Roll-Offs
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Supporting Different Network Configurations
  • Increased Granularity in MODCODs
  • Higher Modulation Schemes up to 64APSK
  • Linear and non-linear MODCODs
  • Wideband Support up to 72 Mbaud

When comparing the current DVB-S2 standard against the full implementation of S2 Extensions (activating smaller Roll-Offs, advanced filtering, 64 APSK and wideband) staggering efficiency gains up to 64% can be achieved for professional applications over satellite (TV contribution and distribution) and up to 20% efficiency increase for DTH.

DVB-S2 Calculator

The DVB-S2 calculator can be downloaded below (version 2.17)

Note: The Excel sheet is protected in order to guard the source data. However, users are allowed to create their own formulas in the calculator and change the text and layout. We encourage downloading from Newtec’s website as this gives you a chance to register and be notified automatically when new updates become available.

Download (XLS, 976KB)

Technical Training

Below is a technical training presentation on the DVB-S2 Calculator which covers:

  • DVB-S
  • DVB-S2
  • S2 Extensions

Training Webinar Video

Watch the recording of the Newtec webinar that explains how to use the DVB-S2 calculator:


User Guide

Below is a user guide for the DVB-S2 Calculator. The guide also includes two useful annexes:

  • Annex A – How to determine the available resources in a transponder
  • Annex B – How to measure available Csat.pure.car/(No*Rs)

Download (PDF, 515KB)


Download e-Book “S2 Extensions Demystified” with the results of Newtec´s online survey about the temperature of S2 extensions.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

More information available at: http://www.newtec.eu/services-training/dvb-s2-calculator

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Dave Suffys joined Newtec in 2000. In 2006, he started the Newtec Sales Support department and now leads a team of 15 Sales Support engineers world-wide. In the early days of DVB-S2, he was active in interoperability testing and was a driving force for the migration towards DVB-S2. With the availability of ACM capable IP modems, Dave kick-started the FlexACM system which is now renowned for being the most efficient ACM system on the market. As a Sales Support Manager, he combines excellent communications skills with a profound technical background and market knowledge, allowing for complex new technologies to be translated in simple but effective business solutions. Now with the emergence of the DVB-S2 Extensions, he is again fully committed to the roll-out of the new standard and to have it endorsed by the major players and satellite operators. Dave is currently based in St-Niklaas, Belgium at Newtec’s headquarters.

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