Intelligent Backhaul by Unleashing the Power Within

February 10, 2013 | By More

Movement is created when the power and capabilities embedded within the network are unleashed.  This is what Sevis Systems has pursued with its new Backhaul Congestion Control (BCC) optimization. Sevis has recently achieved a new milestone of bandwidth savings by developing intelligent backhaul features that piggyback on cellular networks´ pre-existing congestion management capabilities.

The patent-pending BCC feature, available within the suite of Intelligent Optimization features, offers GSM operators and satellite service providers new ways for preventing and alleviating bandwidth congestion on mobile backhaul links.

When combined with the traditional optimization methods, BCC increases optimization significantly with savings up to 70%.

Mobile networks are designed to manage congestion within the radio interface to ensure that voice, mobility management and other critical mobile services are not impacted when congestion over the radio interface occurs. However, expensive satellite backhaul links normally reach congestion before the radio interface and, thus, congestion control mechanisms are not invoked when needed.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.12.47 PMSevis´ BCC now allows satellite service providers and operators to take advantage of such capabilities existing within cellular networks. BCC detects congestion within the satellite backhaul network and, based on configurable thresholds, implements standard-based methods to prevent congestion and increase the number of supported calls. BCC provides control at a base station level and forces the use of more efficient codecs during times of congestion.

Sevis’ mobile backhaul optimization products include a set of Intelligent Optimization features that are network aware and designed to improve optimization, increase network reliability, and enhance the user experience.

Learn more by reading or downloading the Sevis BCC paper:

Download (PDF, 511KB)

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